An Offering and Public Art Proposal: Grandfather's Incline

As part of the series, AGENCY: The Work of Artists, Lee Mingwei joins frequent collaborator, architect Stephan Freid, in designing a proposal for a permanent public artwork that, if completed, will be located at a parting between ancient Oak and Redwood trees along a popular trail facing east within Montalvo's communal parklands. A narrow, forty foot long, suspended wooden platform extends beyond the hillside at a slight incline hovering above the nearby Garden Theater and historic Villa. A single potted tree is situated at the far end of the platform providing a shady, contemplative space for hikers to rest, refresh themselves and to experience a unique view of Silicon Valley. Grandfather’s Incline will consist of a series of working drawings, a model of the proposed public installation, maps of the area as well as a 12-foot-long table representing the proposed work with fresh baked goods offered to gallery visitors is scheduled for presentation in the Project Space, and both of the artists will join in a public conversation on Nov. 15 at 7:00 p.m. about engaging spaces within natural environments.