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  • Threads: Weaving Humanity BEGINNING FRI, JULY 19 (Park Grounds)
    Threads: Weaving Humanity

    Threads: Weaving Humanity features new textile works throughout Montalvo's historic gardens and grounds by a group of emerging international artists. These newly commissioned works use braiding, stitching, patching, and ...


  • Grease FRI JULY 26, 2019, 8:30PM (Great Lawn)
    Sunset Cinema
    Grease (Sing-Along!)

    Nothing says summer like being outside under the stars watching movie on the big screen. Join us for a special sing-along presentation of Grease! Dress in your best 1950s outfit ...

  • Dine on the lovely front veranda! WED JULY 31, 2019, 12PM (Front and Side Verandas)
    Summer Luncheon
    Chilled Poached Salmon

    The Montalvo Service Group is once again pleased to host its famous series of weekly summer luncheons. Dine al fresco on the front and side veranda of the Villa, just ...

  • Snapshot: Digital Photography MON, JULY 22 - FRI, JULY 26
    Snapshot: Digital Photography

    The focus is on creativity and self-expression in this photography class. Students will be introduced to the functionality of the manual camera, learn how to frame a shot, and practice other techniques for composing compelling ...

  • Music and Spanish: A Cultural Journey MON, JULY 22 - FRI, JULY 26
    Music and Spanish: A Cultural Journey

    Five days filled with Latin drum rhythms, dancing, singing, and bilingual performance! Students will practice the fundamentals of the Spanish language in a uniquely engaging atmosphere. At the end of the week, they will share ...

  • Strokes of Genius MON, JULY 22 - FRI, JULY 26
    Strokes of Genius: Beginning Painting Technique

    Color, form, line, shape, texture, value, volume: these are the basic elements of visual art. This class will give young artists the opportunity to explore these principles as they apply to painting and practice techniques ...

  • Fortitude: Collaborative Fort-Building MON, JULY 22 - FRI, JULY 26
    Fortitude: Collaborative Fort-Building

    Aspiring architects will master basic building principles by working in a team to create a large-scale fort out of natural and synthetic materials. Collaboration and imagination will be integral to their success!

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream MON, JULY 22 - FRI, JULY 26
    Silicon Valley Shakespeare Presents: A Midsummer Night's Dream

    “The course of true love never did run smooth”—and it gets even more complicated when you add magic! While the king and queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania, are quarreling, Oberon’s right-hand ...

  • Still Life: Paint What You See MON, JULY 29 - FRI, AUGUST 2
    Still Life: Paint What You See

    Students will hone their observational skills through the practice of still life rendering. Concepts such as light and shadow, proportion, space, and ratio will be explored. The young artists will first capture images in sketches ...

  • Fabulously Funny Fractured Fairy Tales MON, JULY 29 - FRI, AUGUST 2
    Beginning Theatre: Fabulously Funny Fractured Fairy Tales

    This zany class introduces students to the skills and sequence of play: story, vocal and physical control, and staging set the stage for a grand re-telling of popular fairy tales. Each student is encouraged to ...

  • Amazine: The Art of Comics MON, JULY 29 - FRI, AUGUST 2
    Amazine: The Art of Comics

    Mapping a plot arc. Drawing storyboards. Mastering expressive typography. In this fun class, students will learn the complete set of techniques needed to illustrate compelling characters and stories, just like the ones in their favorite ...

  • Fashion Design MON, JULY 29 - FRI, AUGUST 2
    Fashion Design: Fabrication

    The perfect class for aspiring fashion designers! As students design their own collection, they will learn various fabrication techniques ranging from patterning all the way to the finished look and bring one of their designs ...

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