L O V E : Creativity, Connection, Community

Friday, February 28, 2014 - Sunday, June 8, 2014

VENUE: Project Space Gallery


Have your love story turned into a romance novel cover painting by Elisheva Biernoff!

Painting by Elisheva BiernoffSend us a picture of yourself and a loved one posed as you'd like to appear in the painting—steamy, wistful, curious—anything from a passionate embrace to a touch, a gaze, or a smile.

Give the artist some details about your love story, such as characters, the setting, and the time period, then email them with the photo to info@montalvoarts.org. (By submitting, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.) 

We will create a gallery of entries on our website, and Biernoff will select up to seven pictures to turn into original paintings which will be exhibited as part of her L O V E installation Special Edition. Subjects will also receive their own digital copy of the paintings!

See some examples here.

What's your love song?

What song did you first kiss to? Which love song played for the first dance at your wedding? Is there a song that speaks to you by evoking longing, romance, or heartbreak? We want your help with a musical playlist for ‪L O V E! Visit our Facebook page to give us your picks!

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Less than 50 years ago, “the Summer of Love” was more than a pop culture fad: it aspired to bring about a major social and political shift in America. Today, however, we face a near total lack of public debate about love as the basis of connection, understanding, and acceptance in our culture and our communities.

Technological innovation makes it possible for us to be better informed about each other’s lives and feelings than any other time in human history. But is it deepening our connections with others? Or do cell phones, e-mail, and social media strip nuance from our communication and leave us lonelier than before?

L O V E, Montalvo’s latest exhibition, considers the challenges of extending ourselves to commune and connect with others, with an installation of video, drawings, sculpture, and other works. Featured artists include Elisheva BiernoffDouble Zero, Alexandra Grant, Jon Meyer, Omar Mismar, Fiamma Montezemolo, Stephanie Taylor, and Allison Wiese.

Through installation, sound work, video, drawing, and outdoor sculpture, participating artists explore the bonds of friendship; the important role of empathy in our lives; the intersection between desire and new technologies; and the complex relationships between love, belonging, identity and community. 


  •  BEGINNING SAT, FEBRUARY 8 (Lucas Artists Program Commons)
    Valentine's Day Card Workshop

    Create your own Valentine’s Day cards to take home! Join artists Elisheva Biernoff and Leah Rosenberg at the Lucas Artists Residency for an interactive workshop. We will look at ...


  • Jen Shyu FRI FEBRUARY 28, 2014 6 P.M. (Project Space Gallery)
    Final Friday Art Party:
    Opening Reception for "L O V E"
    with Jen Shyu

    Jen Shyu, a Taiwanese-East Timorese-American composer, vocalist, and musician, presents an evening of music inspired by a selection of texts on love. The performance is followed by the opening reception for L O V E in the Project Space Gallery ...
    Suggested Donation: $10
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  • Dohee Lee -  photo Pak Han FRI MARCH 28, 2014 6 P.M. (Historic Villa)
    Final Friday Art Party:
    Love and Voice
    with Dohee Lee, Simon Pettet, and Stephanie Young

    Join Korean dancer, musician, and performance artist Dohee Lee, New York-based poet Simon Pettet and Bay Area poet Stephanie Young for an evening of music, movement and poetry,  responding to the role of love in our lives.This event is ...
    Suggested Donation: $10
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  • Alexandra Grant, FRI APRIL 25, 2014 6 P.M. (Carriage House Theatre)
    Final Friday Art Party:
    Connecting in the 21st Century

    Join us for a multi-disciplinary art evening featuring live performance, participatory art activities and conversation.The evening begins with a  reception at the historic Villa featuring Color Palate, an edible installation and projection organized by artists in residence Christy Chan ...
    Suggested Donation: $10
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  • Coleman Barks FRI MAY 16, 2014 8 P.M. (Carriage House Theatre)
    This Day I Cannot Say, This Love
    An Evening of Poetry and Music Translations of Sufi Poet Rumi by Coleman Barks

    “Captures the deep humanity and sublime divinity of the poet’s verse” —The Sun MagazineAmerican poet Coleman Barks’s interpretations of the celebrated 13th century mystic poet Rumi have sold more than half a million copies and been the subject ...

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  • Carolyn Riggs FRI MAY 30, 2014 6 P.M. (Carriage House Theatre)
    Final Friday Art Party:
    La Love
    Closing Reception for "L O V E"

    "Love is a friendship, set to music." —Joseph CampbellCelebrate the closing of L O V E with a party in the Carriage House Theatre and Project Space Gallery!Musical sensations Bouquet, Nite Jewel, and Sonny Smith share their broad interpretations ...
    Suggested Donation: $10
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