Online camp registration closes at noon the Friday before each individual camp begins. If you would like to sign up for a camp past the cutoff time, please call the Box Office at 408-961-5858 to register for the camp. Walk-ups are welcome ONLY on Monday morning based on the camp availability.

Extended Care

  • A.M. Extended Care: 8am-9am; $50/week or $10/day drop-in. Available for full-day campers (9am-4pm) or morning half-day campers (9-12pm) only.
  • P.M. Extended Care: 4pm-5pm; $50/week or $10/day drop-in. Available for full-day camps (9am-4pm) or afternoon half-day camps (1-4pm) only.

Lunch & Snacks

For full-day camps, lunch is not provided. There is a break between morning and afternoon camps from 12pm-1pm; students who are attending both camps must bring a lunch and snacks, and will be supervised during the break by Montalvo camp staff. Students who are attending just a morning or afternoon camp should also bring a snack which they will eat during a short break.

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds to our day camps must be submitted in writing to for consideration. Camp refunds will be granted according to the following deadlines:

  • Full refund, less a $20 non-refundable fee, if request received in writing 60 days before the first day of camp; 75% refund, less a $20 non-refundable fee, if received in writing 30 days before the first day of camp; 50% refund, less a $20 non-refundable fee, if received in writing 15 days before the first day of camp. No refund if request received within 14 days of camp, or for early withdrawal.
  • No refunds will be granted for early camp withdrawal, absences, or behavioral dismissals.
  • In the event that Montalvo cancels a program, all fees will be refunded.

Anti-Bullying Policy

The physical and emotional safety of our campers and staff are central to Montalvo’s camps and vital to its overall mission. As such, we take the issues of bullying, harassment, and violence very seriously. Bullying is generally defined as when one or more people maliciously exclude, tease, taunt, gossip, hit, kick, or put down another. Montalvo’s leadership investigates any and all allegations of bullying, and trains camp supervisors to promote positive communication, so that students can feel comfortable voicing their concerns to staff. By working together as a team to identify and manage bullying, we can help ensure that everybody has a great experience here at Montalvo.

  • Camp Frequently Asked Questions
  • Poison Oak:

    Montalvo consistently works to remove poison oak from the grounds; however there is always a chance of contact. Visitors should be aware of what poison oak looks like to help avoid accidental contact.

    What does poison oak look like?

    • Each leaf has 3 small leaflets.
    • It most often grows as a shrub.
    • It may have yellow-white berries.

    If contact does occur please follow these procedures:

    • Rinse the skin immediately with lukewarm, soapy water.
    • Wash all clothing and items that may have come in contact with the plant.
    • Apply calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to the area of contact.
    • Avoid scratching.

    How to protect yourself from contact with poison oak:

    • Wear long pants, long sleeves, boots and gloves.
    • If you do not have boots, tuck the legs of your pants into your socks.

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    Montalvo Arts Center’s Summer Camp program is unlike any other in the Bay Area. We are proud to present classes for ages 6-17 in a range of artistic disciplines, including music, two and three dimensional visual arts, design, and theatre. We also offer the unexpected like cooking, fashion design, engineering, installation art, and more. No matter what your child’s or teen’s interests may be, Montalvo has something to engage and inspire them.

    All of our camps are led by professional artists active in the disciplines they teach. Students will learn to flex their creative muscles as they make new friends and discover unique ways of expressing themselves – all within the natural scenery and fresh air of our gorgeous grounds.

    Through integrated learning practice, students will explore art forms in relationship to the math, science, history and literature content relevant to them, fostering their capacity to conceptualize, think creatively, and produce and contextualize their artwork in response to the community.

    A note about age designations: Camps designated “6 & up” are open to ages 6–14, however curriculum is targeted toward a 6–8 year-old audience. Camps designated “all ages” feature a curriculum targeted toward ages 6–14.