• Knight Ridder Commons : StastnyBrun Architects, Inc. with Tad Savinar
  • Hackworth Hall 
  • A Musical Family:  The Allens
  • Eric Brett Shana Jeff Teri Media Room

Donald J. Stastny, of StastnyBrun Architects, Portland, Oregon, was the Invitational Process Advisor for the Lucas Artists Programs. His projects range in scope from the design of museums and interpretive centers to creating and coordinating design competitions, including those for the American Embassy in Berlin, ARTSPark in Los Angeles, as well as Montalvo’s. With the multiple functions inherent to The Commons, it was appropriate that Stastny chose visual artist/playwright Tad Savinar with whom to collaborate. Savinar is the recipient of numerous individual awards and commissions, including creating public artwork for San Jose’s downtown fire station. The Commons is a transition from the public side of Lucas Artists Programs to the private side of the Artist Residency. It is designed as a transitional architectural statement, a blending of old and new, relaying a message of historic continuity and contemporary community.

"Rarely in one's career is an architect given the responsibility to create a project that makes such a lasting contribution to society. The impact of this community of artists will establish Montalvo and Saratoga as a national model for Artist-In- Residence Communities - providing leadership and opportunities in the new millennium for artists who will fundamentally impact the global community." - Don Stastny